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FCOI Process


  • Step 1: You will receive an e-mail invitation to complete a disclosure in COI-SMART.  The sender is UConn Health Annual Financial Disclosure in Research.  Instructions for how to log-in (and a link to the system) are included in the e-mail invitation.
  • Step 2: Log-in to COI-SMART.  Your username and password are NOT your university credentials.  Your user-name is your e-mail account (If you log-in using the link on the invitation, you will not need to type it).  You must create a password the first time you log-in (be sure to follow the password characteristic requirements).
  • Step 3: On the welcome screen after you log-in, answer “YES” to the question about involvement in research.
  • Step 4: Proceed with answering the questionnaire.

IRB SUBMISSIONS (initial, continuation, or modification to add new personnel)

  • Step 1: Complete the required IRB Project-Specific SFI Review Form
    • Fill out the top of the form with study details and information on the contact person.
    • List all study personnel names in the table.  (Tips: The table begins on page 3 of the IRB form.  For any non-UConn Health people, indicate their institutional affiliation.  If any medical or dental students are listed, indicate their status as a student.)   
    • Solicit and obtain project-specific SFI disclosures from each listed individual.  (Tip: On page 3 of the IRB form, there is template language that may be used to solicit this information through e-mail communication or hard copy.)
    • Update the table to indicate the SFI status (Yes or No) of each individual listed, based on their response.  (Reminder: The individual responses from study personnel should be maintained in the project’s regulatory binder).
  • Step 2: Submit the completed form to FCOI staff in OVPR
    • E-mail the completed table to FCOI staff for review and sign-off.  (Tip: Provide the document in Word format.  Do NOT submit individuals’ responses.) 
    • FCOI staff will return a signed copy of the form, and if applicable the management plan, to the designated contact person.
  • Step 3: Submit the form to IRB
    • Provide IRB with the signed form as part of the IRB submission packet.  (Reminder: Do not submit the individual responses form study personnel to IRB or FCOI staff; those should be maintained in the project’s regulatory binder).
    • For “Yes” responses, provide the IRB a copy of any management plan developed by the Conflict of Interest in Research Management Committee, if applicable.   The IRB may request additional information, if necessary.