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Topaz Elements How-To Guides

The following quick reference and other how-to instructional guides are available to assist researchers with using the Topaz Elements system interface. The instructions are organized by module. All guides are in Adobe PDF format and may be save or printed. Printing in color is recommended.

Topaz Elements Portal

Animal Protocols

Animal Protocol Development System Instructions – For Researchers
Includes tips and step by step how to instructions for logging in, creating new animal protocols, reviewing protocol steps/statuses, revising protocols returned for modifications, viewing protocols, creating modifications or amendments to protocols, creating annual reviews, and creating and submitting 3-year renewals of protocols. 27 pages.

Information on Filling out the UConn Health IACUC Protocol Forms – For Researchers
A supplemental or companion document which goes through the IACUC protocol form section by section and question by question. Also includes information on safety protocols. 39 pages.

Electronic Protocol Reviews and Electronic Meeting Instructions – For IACUC Committee Members
Step by step instructions for IACUC Members to complete reviews or various types and prepare for IACUC meetings. 36 pages.

Animal Orders

Animal Bills & Invoices