Thursday January 14, 2016, 5-6:30 PM, UConn Health, EG013

UConn Heath and Storrs basic and clinical scientists and clinicians interested in translational research, particularly drug discovery, are invited to join this event aimed at supporting innovative proposals for the translation of research into commercial products. The workshop will be co-lead by Professors Dennis Wright, Medicinal Chemistry Storrs and Sandra Weller, Molecular Biology and Biophysics Farmington and Dr. Karen Woodward, Industry Liaison, Technology Commercialization Services, University of Connecticut.

Recently announced funding mechanisms (PITCH and SPARK) support innovative proof-of-concept studies that facilitate the eventual translation of basic science research discoveries into therapies.

The workshop will help you develop winning proposals and will address:

  • How to facilitate the formation of scientific teams including basic and clinical scientists to better compete for the PITCH and SPARK programs.
  • How to identify and validate appropriate targets for drug discovery
  • The valuable role of academic research centers in drug discovery
  • Target drugability: small molecule and biologics perspectives

Who should attend: Clinicians and Basic Scientists with interests in academic drug discovery and willing to work through collaborative partnerships. We encourage clinicians who have specific knowledge in unmet therapeutic needs, clinical practice and clinical trial design AND basic scientists with projects of biomedical importance amenable to drug discovery.


About PITCH: Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health (PITCH) is a collaboration between the two campuses of UConn (UCONN Health and UCONN Storrs) and Yale designed to translate laboratory discoveries made in the laboratory into therapeutic strategies and diagnostics that can be used to treat and cure disease and improve human health. PITCH supports the identification of appropriate biological targets, the first step in a successful drug discovery pipeline. Appropriate targets for drug discovery are proteins or processes that are involved in causing disease. Deadline March 1, 2016.

About SPARK: The SPARK Technology Commercialization Fund is offered by The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), in collaboration with the School of Medicine, to fund proof-of-concept studies that will facilitate translation of research discoveries into eventual product commercialization. Deadline February 19, 2016.