Dear Colleagues,

On a four or five-year cycle, UConn Health negotiates its facilities and administrative (F&A) rate with the federal government.  2016 is our base year for the next F&A rate negotiation. The timeline of the F&A proposal is lengthy, but it begins with accumulation of space, FTE, and financial information for all areas of the institution. You and your department are partners in this process.  The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), Research Financial Services will coordinate the development of the F&A proposal and negotiate on behalf of UConn Health with the federal government.  To do this in the most effective way possible, we ask that you provide OVPR Research Financial Services with accurate and timely information.

You play a vital role, and your participation and cooperation during this process have a direct impact on the outcome of the negotiation.  For instance, each percentage point in the F&A rate translates into approximately $500,000 in recovered (or lost) F&A costs.

Fiscal 2016 financial and FTE information will be combined with space information to form the underlying data for the F&A proposal.  Square footage is used to determine several components of the F&A rate.  Under federal regulations, we are required to conduct a space functional usage study to support the allocations that will be used in our F&A rate proposal.  Five years ago, UConn Health retained Attain, LLC to assist us with the space functional usage study.  Attain has been retained again for this negotiation, and their staff will be on-site throughout the study to support and guide us.

Our goal is to collect department information during the month of March.  Department involvement is critical at this juncture of the process. Attain is providing the support, but the actual data compilation will be done by you and/or your staffs.  Attain staff will be on-campus the week of March 7th conducting training sessions on their web-based system and will remain on-site throughout March to provide guidance and assistance.

We recognize that this is a busy time, and we thank you for your cooperation in helping us complete this essential first phase of the study. We will be contacting your administrative staffs to schedule this engagement. Please contact me if you have any questions.




Dr. Jeff Seemann
Vice President for Research
UConn/UConn Health


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