May 16, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the implementation of the Topaz Elements product will take place between June 2, 2016-June 8, 2016.  Please see the attached email sent from Dr. Byerly on May 10, 2016 regarding this process. We would like to provide some additional information to assist you during this system upgrade.

To ensure that your animal orders are processed in a timely manner and with as little impact to your studies as possible, we ask that you please place all animal orders for the month of June in Granite no later than May 27, 2016. We recognize that this is a challenging request and thank you for your cooperation. In the event that you need to place an order while the system is not available, please contact CCM at to obtain a paper order form.  The Office of the Vice President for Research will be offering eRA training sessions regarding animal orders, which we urge all staff to attend. More information about these sessions will be provided to you shortly.

After the system upgrade is complete, department administrators/financial personnel will need to access invoices directly from Elements.  Invoices will no longer be transmitted via email. Accounts for staff who were not previously in Granite have been created and those staff will be given access to Topaz Elements. Index numbers will be uploaded from Banner to Elements on a nightly basis.  We will associate the current admin/fiscal staff with your account numbers.  Please provide the Center for Comparative Medicine with the appropriate staff member’s information upon new account setup, so that the staff member can access invoices through the system.

It is imperative that staff are aware of the procedure for stopping census.  When a cage is no longer needed, the card/tab associated with that cage must be placed in the stop census box, or charges will continue to accrue.

Topaz Elements improves upon the process for ordering future cage cards.  With Elements, cards are ordered via a fillable pdf order form, which is available on the CCM website at: The form should be submitted to CCM at

Cards will be available for pickup in the CCM office as usual.

The CCM website is restricted to those employees/researchers who have access to Topaz Elements.  If you are unable to access our website, please contact us at to be granted access.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we implement this important system upgrade. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Ramaswamy M. Chidambaram, DVM, PhD, DACLAM Director
Center for Comparative Medicine
Office of the Vice President for Research
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