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Institutional Biosafety Committee Meeting Dates

The UConn Health Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is federally mandated to review all work with recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids.

This committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month, except in February.

Upcoming meetings 2018:

Date Time Location Submission Deadline
January 11 3:10 pm L-5061 January 2
February 15 3:10 pm L-5061 February 5
March 8 3:10 pm L-5061 February 26
April 12 3:10 pm L-5061 April 2
May 10 3:10 pm L-5061 April 30


If you are a citizen that is interested in or concerned about this type of research, you are invited to attend a meeting of the IBC. Please contact an IBC representative for more information.