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Financial Conflict of Interest in Research

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) staff are available to assist the UConn Health research community in understanding and complying with institutional requirements related to conflict of interest in research.

What are my responsibilities as an investigator?

  • Understand the UConn Health policy on financial conflicts of interest in research and know the definition of Significant Financial Interest (SFI) and how it applies to you.  Click here to review the policy.
  • Promptly and fully disclose any Significant Financial Interest (including those of a spouse or dependent child) that reasonably relates to your institutional responsibilities and, if applicable, comply with financial conflict of interest management or mitigation plans.
  • Submit a disclosure in UConn Health COI-SMART annually.
  • Attend to your on-going responsibility to disclose, within thirty (30) days, any newly acquired or discovered SFIs.  (Your disclosure in COI-SMART must be updated when this occurs).
  • Electronic submittal of the disclosure in COI-SMART also satisfies the training requirement as required under federal regulations and UConn Health policy.
  • Investigators, coordinators, and persons obtaining consent must also disclose any project-specific SFIs pursuant to UConn Health Human Subject Protection Program (HSPP) policies.