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FCOI Electronic Submission System

Look for an announcement soon regarding the launch of the 2018 financial disclosure season and InfoEd FCOI!

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Please see below for important information regarding the FCOI electronic submission system:

  1. New system:  The Office of the Vice President for Research, Research Compliance Services, is transitioning the annual financial disclosure electronic submission process to a new vendor platform, InfoEd Financial Interests (FCOI).  An announcement will be circulated in the near future when the new InfoEd FCOI system is available.  Individuals at UConn Health who are subject to the Individual, Clinical, and/or Institutional policies, which require Investigators, Clinical Practitioners, and certain identified Institutional/Covered Officials to disclose significant financial interests (SFIs) related to their institutional responsibilities will need to use the new InfoEd FCOI system for financial disclosures once it becomes available.   In the meantime, if an individual needs to submit or update a financial disclosure prior to the launch of InfoEd FCOI, please contact fcoi@uchc.edu or FCOI staff:Gus Fernandez-Wolff at 860-679-8125 or gfernandez@uchc.edu  or Kristen Tremblay at 860-679-3276 or ktremblay@uchc.edu.
  2. New log-in process for new system: In preparation for the upcoming launch of InfoEd FCOI, impacted members of the UConn Health community should familiarize themselves with their NetID, described in more detail below. UConn Health InfoEd FCOI will use the University of Connecticut Central Authentication Service (CAS), NetID Single Sign On (i.e., UConn NetID or NetID).  This means your Username and Password to access InfoEd FCOI for submission of the required annual financial disclosure will be your UConn NetID username and password.
  3. What is NetID:  NetID credentials allow you to authenticate into a wide variety of computing services at the University of Connecticut.
    1. If you already know your UConn NetID and password, no further action is needed.
    2. If you do not know your UConn NetID username and/or associated password, please take the following steps prior to the launch of InfoEd FCOI so that you will be ready for the change.
    3. If you do not know your NetID: Visit https://netid.uconn.edu/find_netid.php to lookup your UConn NetID using your first name, your last name and your 8-digit date of birth. Click on “Find Your NetID.” Write down and commit your NetID to memory. Once the UConn Health InfoEd FCOI system launches, you will use the UConn NetID as your username to access the system.
    4. If you have activated your NetID previously and set up password recovery, then try to reset your forgotten NetID password at https://netid.uconn.edu/reset_password.php by entering your NetID and 8-digit date of birth. Follow the prompts to change your password using the secret questions, secondary email or mobile number/text. Remember your new password. It will be used in conjunction with the UConn NetID to access the new InfoEd FCOI system.
    5. If you don’t recall activating your NetID previously, attempt to activate it first at https://netid.uconn.edu/activate.php. Enter your NetID (use lower case letters) from Step 3 above. Follow the prompts to activate it using your Social Security Number and date of birth or an Activation Code that you may have received previously. You can then setup your NetID password using the instructions listed on the NetID site.
    6. If you run into difficulties obtaining your NetID, resetting your NetID account password or activating your NetID, please contact the UITS Help Center at 860-486-4357, Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM or Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

***NEW***  FCOI – Training and Demo Sessions ***NEW***