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ADT                Admission, Discharge and Transfers. Application used in IDX

BANNER         Financial Reporting System

BAR                Billing and Accounts Receivable. The billing application for     UMG in IDX

BEAN              Billing Employer Account Number. A unique IDX number assigned to each study by UMG

CDA                Confidential Disclosure Agreement

CLRA              Clinical Research Adjustment. Discount type used for UMG accounts

CMP                Continuous Monitoring Process

CPOE               Computerized Physician Order Entry

CPT                 Clinical Procedural Terminology. codes for billing purposes

CRC                 Clinical Research Center

DCRC              Dental Clinical Research Center

F & A              Facilities & Administrative costs (formerly called “indirect costs”)

FOAPL            Fund-Organization-Account-Program-Activity-Location. The abbreviation for the chart of accounts structure used by the Finance in the BANNER system

HPA                 Hospital Patient Accounting. The billing application for         JDH in IDX

HSPO               Human Subjects Protection Office

IDX                 Company name of billing related applications

IP                     Intellectual Property

IPAS                Institutional Prior Approval System

IRB                  Institutional Review Board

JDH                 John Dempsey Hospital

JDH Hold Bill  A billing work-file of all JDH bills

MAR                Medication Administration Record

NCD                National Coverage Decision 2000 (Medicare)

NCI                  National Cancer Institute

NIH                 National Institutes of Health; “NIH” (vs. PHM or OTH) sponsor for BEAN #

OCTR              Office of Clinical and Translational Research

ORES               Outpatient research visit

ORSP               Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

OTH                “Other” (vs. NIH or Pharmaceutical) sponsor for BEAN #

PFS                  Patient Financial Services

PI                     Principal Investigator

PIC                  Protocol Induced Costs

POE                 Physician Order Entry

PHM                Pharmaceutical (vs. “NIH” or “Other”) sponsor for BEAN

RA                   Research Assistant

RAF                 Research Administration and Finance

RC                   Routine Clinical Services. new Medicare terminology for Routine Care

RCM                Research Compliance Monitor

RFA                 Research Fiscal Administration

RFC                 Research Financial Compliance

SC                    Study Coordinator

SCHED            Scheduling. Scheduling application used in IDX

SOM                School of Medicine

SODM             School of Dental Medicine

T & E               Time and Effort

TES work file  Transaction Editing System; a billing work file for unpaid charges

TV                   Transfer Voucher

UMG               UConn Medical Group

V70.7              Medicare diagnosis code (ICD-9-CM) to be used as the secondary diagnosis for line item charges that have been modified with the “Q0” or “Q1” modifier (see also Modifier Q0 and Q1 on preceding page). Healthy Control Group Volunteers, by definition, do not have any underlying conditions, therefore providers need to report V70.7 as the primary diagnosis instead of the secondary diagnosis.

VDF                 Visit Data Form. Screen used in scheduling to house patient visit data