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SCRO Initiating Research

Investigator Information and Checklist

All projects funded by the State of Connecticut Regenerative Medicine Research Fund and all human embryonic stem cell research conducted at the University of Connecticut and its research arms must receive written SCRO approval before research begins, regardless of source of funding or the NIH-status of the hESC lines. Sponsored Program Services (SPS) will NOT release funds for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research until it receives a copy of the final SCRO approval letter.

Recommended Sequence of Steps

Submit Supplemental hESC research form to SPS

  • Contact SPS to complete appropriate routing forms.

Notify and consult with the SCRO Committee for ethically controversial  projects or use of hESC from sources other than the UConn-Wesleyan Core

  • Investigators planning projects involving ethically controversial activities are urged to consult with the SCRO Office as early as possible. Projects in this category include those that generate or destroy human blastocysts or blastocyst-like entities, implant human neuro-progenitors into animal models, or implant hESC or hESC derivatives into nonhuman blastocysts. Contact the SCRO Office at (860) 679-6004.

Submit applications to the IBC, IACUC, and IRB (as required)

  • These reviews may be conducted  in parallel with SCRO review. SCRO approval requires documentation of  approval by all other required research oversight committees.

Complete the Human Stem Cell Compliance  Tutorial

  • Available here: SCRO Training
  • All  research personnel conducting hESC research must pass the tutorial prior to SCRO approval.

Submit the completed and signed SCRO Protocol  Application form and all other required forms to the SCRO Office

  • Application form
  •  For assistance  call (860) 679-6004 or e-mail eciesielski@uchc.edu.
  • The protocol application is due in the SCRO office 4 weeks before the meeting at which it will be reviewed.

Submit the completed and signed State Verification  Form

  • Submit the form to the SCRO Office which will forward the form and a copy of the final SCRO approval letter to Connecticut Innovations.