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Research MatchThe Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is pleased to announce that UConn Health is now part of the ResearchMatch Network. ResearchMatch.org is a national online recruitment tool, funded by the National Institutes of Health and maintained at Vanderbilt University. ResearchMatch connects interested participants with research studies that might be a good “match” for them through its secure, online matching tool. There is no cost to UConn Health researchers who use ResearchMatch to conduct recruitment feasibility analysis or participant recruitment.

Using ResearchMatch to conduct recruitment feasibility analysis:

  • Once you register as a researcher (process takes less than 10 minutes), you will have “feasibility access” to view aggregate data regarding the current ResearchMatch volunteer population. Click here to register as a researcher: https://www.researchmatch.org/researchers/


Using ResearchMatch to conduct participant recruitment:

  • The Vanderbilt IRB provides oversight for ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool and this has been documented within the ResearchMatch IRB Letter of Understanding (available upon request). However, if you decide to use ResearchMatch as a recruitment tool for a specific study, you will first need to get UConn Health IRB approval. In your study’s initial IRB application in iRIS, you may select “ResearchMatch” as a recruitment method from the drop down menu in the Recruitment Methods and Subject Payment section.


  • In the Description of Implementation box, you may include the following language: Potential volunteers will be contacted by ResearchMatch with IRB-approved recruitment content for this study, not including direct study contact information such as study phone number. Volunteers will then have the option of replying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ through a set of quick links available in the recruitment message. If a volunteer chooses to respond in the affirmative, they will authorize ResearchMatch to release their contact information to the PI (or ResearchMatch designee) who will be responsible for managing that information according to institutional guidelines.


  • Or you may add ResearchMatch as a method of recruitment to an already-approved study, using the above language in your modification request.


  • Include your ResearchMatch recruitment message in your IRB submission. The recruitment message is the content of the email that ResearchMatch will send on your behalf to potential participants. Please note that your recruitment message sent via ResearchMatch must not include your direct study contact information (email or phone), and must not exceed 2000 characters. If the study includes in-person participation, you may want to include the geographical location of the study site. If you intend to include healthy controls, include that in your recruitment message, otherwise, a healthy control volunteer may decline participation.


  • Once ResearchMatch is approved as a recruitment method for your study by the IRB, you may then request “recruitment access” in ResearchMatch, which will allow your recruitment message to be sent to potential participants that you select. If a potential participant agrees, you will then have access to his/her contact information in order to contact about possible study participation. You will need to upload your IRB approval letter to gain recruitment access.


For any questions about ResearchMatch, please contact Ellen Ciesielski at 860-679-6004 or email eciesielski@uchc.edu.