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Technical Reports

Principal Investigators (PI) are responsible for preparing and submitting both interim and final technical reports, which typically include a description of the work performed, results of the work and any related publications resulting from the work.  The Sponsored Program Services unit (SPS) within the Office of the Vice President for Research should be copied on the cover letter accompanying the interim and final technical report.

Financial Reports

Preparation of Financial Reports is the responsibility of Research Finance. These reports are generally due within 90 days of the award expiration on federal awards; the deadline may be even shorter for state and private awards. Inability or failure to submit reports within the stipulated time frame can result in the suspension of funding and/or a delay in the release of future funding. All expenditures related to the project must be processed, open encumbrances closed, cost sharing verified, and the account(s) reviewed for errors or necessary changes in order to prepare the final financial report. The following policies are to be followed to ensure that UConn Health is operating in compliance with sponsor terms and Federal policies such as OMB Uniform Grant Guidance and Cost Accounting Standards and to ensure that  SPS is able to prepare an accurate and timely final financial report for submission to the sponsoring agency as well as close the account in UConn Health’s accounting system, Banner.

Research Finance will prepare and send to the PI a draft report of final financial expenditures. There may be several items to which the PI is asked to respond. These include review of over-expenditures, expenditures after the end date, documentation of cost sharing, and identification of any charges not yet recorded in UConn Health’s financial system. It is essential that these drafts are reviewed and returned within the time frame requested by Research Finance. In order to comply with sponsor reporting requirements, Research Finance will prepare final reports based on the draft if the PI does not respond within the requested time. Any unallowable expenditure(s), as well as any expenditure that remains unrecorded and therefore unbilled, will become the responsibility of the PI and his/her Department Head, Center Director or Dean.