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Limited Submissions Guidelines

When a sponsor limits the number of proposals/applications that can be submitted by an institution, it may be necessary for an internal screening competition.  If a PI is interested in submitting for a program, a Notification of Intent (NOI) must be submitted by the due date.  If there are more NOI’s than the sponsor limit, an internal screening will be required.  If there is not enough sufficient time to hold an internal competition, an administrative decision may be rendered by the Office of the Vice President for Research.  PI’s who become aware of a limited submission program are asked to contact matthew.mroz@uconn.edu

Guidelines – Internal Screening

Proposals for the internal screening process must be submitted to matthew.mroz@uconn.edu as one complete pdf file (all pages must be combined into one .pdf including budgets, CVs, etc.) by the internal screening deadline.  Additional information may be requested based on special criteria requirements by the sponsor.  Proposals must include the following:

1.    Cover page:

a.    Sponsor
b.    Program name
c.    Project title
d.    Contact information

2.    Summary (3-page maximum) describing the project and demonstrating how it will:

a.    Fulfill program solicitation criteria
b.    Contribute to the field/discipline of the institutional research and educational goals

3.    If applicable, budget/budget justification (2-page max).  If cost sharing is a sponsor requirement, a letter of support is required from the Dean/Department Head as to how this commitment will be potentially achieved.
4.    If applicable, list of investigators, key personnel summarizing credentials and role in the project (2-page max).
5.    If applicable, appendices where relevant (2-page maximum).

Proposals not adhering to these guidelines will be returned.  Reviewers will be selected in accordance with the foci of the proposals submitted.  Proposals will be reviewed in accordance with the program solicitation eligibility and criteria.